Lockwise ™

Keyless Entry Management System, Powered by Prempoint

Remotely Control Entry to Properties

Cyprexx, in partnership with Prempoint Inc., has launched a new entry management system.

Installing a Lockwise Smart Lock eliminates the need for traditional key-based locks and associated monetary and time costs from multiple rekeys. When synchronized with the Prempoint app, Lockwise devices provide a simple solution by granting remote entry via customizable scheduling and entry points.

Lockwise is designed with an advanced level of encryption technology to eliminate the potential for hacking, providing security and peace of mind.

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All-in-one Digital Entry System

Property Access Control

No Traditional key
No need to re-key
Control who has access to a property
Interior and exterior models

Cloud Management

Backup, recovery, and unlimited storage
Feedback and reporting
Create, manage, and share property access

Real-time Communication

Instant messaging
Low battery notification system
Notification when property is entered
Upload photos, videos, and documents

Lockwise Smart Lock Access Flow

1. Administrator Access


Prempoint Dashboard


Prempoint Mobile App

Grant property access to Authorized Users
Messaging, notifications, file management
View reports and audit trails

2. Authorized Users


Prempoint Mobile App
(Authorized Users)

Messaging, view properties, gain entry

3. Lockwise Smart Locks


(Smart Locks)

Only Authorized Users have access

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